Thursday, August 23, 2007

York Beach, ME

Well, this past weekend (Aug 17th thru the 20th), me and my fiance spent the time in York Beach, ME. Above, you can see where we stayed. Right off, I must add that you don't really need to ever stay 3-1/2 days. I didn't realize that you would be able to do everything and see everything in 2 days! But regardless, it was still nice to take 2 days away from work. We had some nice weather - it wasn't as hot as it has been the last couple weeks. There was very low humidity. There were a lot of stores that were along the main road of the short sands beach - and we went into every single one of them twice! I think that is what lead me to believe that we only needed to be there for 2 days! Oh well.

They also had a zoo: Which as you can see from the website, it is a very small zoo. But we did get to see many primates, lions, panthers, birds, snakes...etc. I even got a poloroid of myself holding a snake...It felt kind of weird and if I didn't feel it move from time to time, I'd have thought it was dead. Ew. And I didn't realize that they made poloroid cameras anymore...BUt then again, the perverts have to have SOME sort of way to capture their pervertivenes. LOL. ANYWAYS. They also had a huge pen where there were several deer that you could feed - they have one of those gumball machines that you put in a quarter and it spits out a handful of food. Man, those deer are HUNGRY. One of the deer was camped out in front of the opening to the food machine and he wouldn't let me open the door because he was trying to use his nose to open it himself. Some guy had to step in front of the deer and give me time to get the food out. YEESH. So, the zoo was actually pretty cool...

We ate at some cool restaurants - the first night, we ate at the restaurant at the hotel. Then the 2nd night, we ate at this place that was located just down the street from us - I don't recall the name of the restaurant, though. And the 3rd night, we ate at a japanese/chinese food place. Overall, the food was pretty good. Nothing too special or too fancy. =]

So there you have it. Our long weekend at York Beach, ME. Not very exciting, I know. BUt you know, its always nice to get away.

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Hanh said...

your mini vacation sounds muy relaxing... i definitely could use something like that!

anyway, zum probably just has a google acct, not an actual blog, that's why you couldn't answer him. isn't he on your buddy list though?

I know you'll be shopping for "THE DRESS" really soon, so i just want to wish you the best of luck and try taking pictures (if you can) at the fitting(s). Wish I could be there!!