Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Days Fly By

These days, it seems that you blink an eye and time just flies by without any kind of notice. Its already the 18th of September!! What happened? Anywho, last weekend, we went out with friends to see "DownTown Rhythm" (http://www.downtownrhythm.net/index.cfm). They are a band of 5 people - the drummer is our friend's Uncle. They played at a local VFW in Portsmouth, NH - I was sorely disappointed because I was expecting to get strong drinks - I had 2 Amaretto Sours (http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink820.html) and didn't get buzzed at all. How sad. Since it was at a VFW, you can imagine that it was not very crowded - there were only about 30-40 people there, IF that. But the music was good and I danced a lot - I even got my finace to get up and dance, if you can believe that. He isn't one to really do that, so I was happy! =] The night, however, was pretty long. I was amazed, though, because they had a huge big screen television and the Red Sox and Yankees were playing - it was this phemoninally LONG game, too. But as I was saying, the night was long - we all didn't get home until 3am! Eegads. I think its funny because it really does wreck the weekend because you spend the rest of the time trying to recouperate from no sleep the previous night.

So that was pretty much it for Friday. Saturday was spent at the mall and then at home just relaxing. I bought 2 pairs of pants that cost me a buck thirty - why are pants so dang expensive? I also bought a car adapter for my iPod - that was 75 dollars. *sigh* I'm all done shopping for the year, then. I keep thinking that I've got a wedding to save for. Man, what a drag - no, not that I am getting married, but that I have to save money for it. One day is going to cost us so much money. Makes me want to think about eloping in my parents basement next to my dad's woodworking tools and sending out for pizza. YES! Thats a GREAT friggin' idea! *ahem* But not bloody likely. OK, so before I get off track - Saturday was shopping day. And Sunday I went to visit my parents. They seem to be operating just fine with out my help...or with out me being there. Still, though, I cannot help but feel like I should still be living there, helping them out. I guess I can come right out and say that I do feel "guilty." I feel bad for living with them for so long and now that it seems they are getting OLD and may need my help, I can't help but feed BAD! Man...

OK, so anyways. This brings us to today, which is Tuesday. You may be asking what happened to Monday - well, MOnday was a sleepy day because I spent Sunday night flipping back and forth between the Pats game and the Red Sox - both games didn't get over until past 11pm. So I was draggin my butt all day. Today, though, is OK. I'm still a little droopy, though. I again, find myself waiting for the weekend. =]

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Hanh said...

wow, i've been going to some small bands play too, except that they sing in Thai...and the only dancing I can do is in my seat while Timmy says, "excuse my girlfriend"

Anyway sounded like a fun night but whattup with the "eeegads" lately? Pinky & the Brain?